About Nature's Village

Our Story

Nature’s Village was founded in Hong Kong on 15th, June, 1999. At the very beginning, we dedicated to selling bodybuilding products in small scale and we branched out into a variety of sports products in 2003.

2003, the year that Hong Kong economy suffered a drastic downturn with the severe setback caused by SARS, contrary to be defeated, Nature’s Village turned the crises into opportunities. Kinds of health products explored and three branches opened during then. Experienced the separation and death upon the impact of SARS in 2003, we deeply understand the important the life is. The owner insists on suggesting our employees and clients to keep healthy lifestyle and establish the sense of health as soon as possible.

To develop in a direction of positive lifestyle, we support lots of major sports events and environmental protection activities. At the same time, we put up branches and promote our business and brand culture.

More than a decade from Nature’s Village was founded, we’ve been providing comprehensive multi-level consumer services and creating an “infinite joy and health” concept of life. We will continue to lead the trends of healthy nutrition consumer in Hong Kong.

Our Products

Much more than sports nutrition and health foods for professional athletes, Nature’s Village supplies the supplements cover the field of sports, bodybuilding and nutritional supplements for general population. We serve pregnant women, youths, white-collar workers who suffered from pressure, population with hypertension, hyperlipoidemia and hyperglycosemia, beauties, fitness enthusiasts, elders and other groups. Obviously, people who needs to nutrition supply needs Nature’s Village.

Growing affluence, the demand of health and sports nutrition is increasing. Single products cannot meet individuals’ demand any more. Meanwhile, keep pace with the times, Nature’s Village launched scientific personalized fitness projects to solve sports nutrition and health issues and meeting people’s different demand closely, letting people enjoy the fun of sports perfectly and enhance the quality of life.

The sports nutrition and health foods we select were made by the manufacturers who obtained FDA Certification in USA. We insist to import those products with superb quality to China market. Our products also obtained food hygiene evaluation report, drug-testing report and effect evaluation report by outstanding athletes in United States. In addition, our products had been widely used, approved as safe and effective sports nutrition foods by top professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities and many fitness enthusiasts.

“We will keep on encouraging healthy lifestyles. We insist on providing our customers with healthy foods at reasonable prices and superb quality.”

– Founder Natures Village

Our Mission & Vision

With the consistent principle “Creating value for consumers”, Nature’s Village dedicated to provide the best products and services for consumers. You can enjoy the high quality products, the excellent service from our professional staffs here. We will keep on encouraging the healthy lifestyle, let you and your family enjoy the sport.

In addition, Natures Village insists to provide health foods with reasonable price and superb quality to the consumers, enabling more fitness enthusiasts enjoy the “sport + nutrition” multiplier effect.
“Joy to work out, enjoy the life” is the unchanging brand culture of Nature’s Village. We highly concern about people’s health, sports activities environmental protection. Also, we take an active part in charity, concerning for social vulnerable groups and devoting our effort to fulfill the social responsibility.

In the next five years, we will continue to participate in sports activities sponsorship, support the development of environmental protection and charity actively, promote the concept of healthy and happy life, create a brilliant career and future with the same industry together!